If you thought your home was important before lockdown, I bet you’ve realised its value even more since.

It has become increasingly important for our day-to-day work activities as well as our personal and family lives. Those of us working from home understand, more than ever, the importance of our network connectivity and other systems – and how much we’ve grown to rely upon them. If our homes were treated like our cars, we’d have them regularly maintained and would probably even need to have them MOT’d each year!

At SMC we’ve always known this, of course – and additionally we have lots of customers with second homes who, during lockdown, were concerned that everything was OK at those locations too.

It is for these reasons – the delivery of efficient service and the maintenance of robust security – that we recommend installing simple remote monitoring and management equipment in all installations. Sometimes this is an inexpensive internet-enabled network device, occasionally it is a very small, rack-mounted PC. At SMC this allows our service desk to automatically receive notifications if there are any issues with your equipment, often before you might have experienced a problem. It also means that our support team can, with your permission, securely ‘log-in’ to diagnose any problems, help with a particular issue, or help you customise or reconfigure your system.


We’ve always done this for our contracted aftercare clients, who had already realised the value of planned, preventative maintenance. Since lockdown, however, we’ve added remote support to hundreds of more homes. More people realise that it isn’t a matter of not wanting to wait in for a service engineer – they now know that in some cases it just wouldn’t be possible.

When we say we’ve always done it, we mean it – as long as we have been able to securely connect systems to the internet, we’ve done so (it is more efficient for us too) we also benefit from it around the clock, for we get alerts if there’s an issue, and our 24/7 service desk can ensure an engineer logs in to check things out if needed – wherever you are, or they are. We offer the service for clients all over the world, including those travelling on yachts.


As well as proactively ‘listening’ for any problems (remote monitoring) there are a range of other things we can do to help (remote management). Networking obviously is a big one (sorting out issues with WiFi, internet speed, virus issues and especially helping you set up your work connections for Zoom etc.). From a security point-of-view we can help you get the most from your CCTV cameras, remove access for people who no longer need it (old staff members, for example) or change passwords so the kids can concentrate on homework or sleep. It’s even possible to help change your lighting programming or sort out issues with music or TV streaming.

Some customers also allow us to remotely manage any mobile devices they use (maybe an iPad for controlling temperature and CCTV) so that we ensure any software updates won’t cause problems.

Just the ticket for these crazy times

Doing all this helps us provide the best service for homeowners and allows the field engineers to concentrate on critical issues. We can task them with addressing what is needed (and avoiding what isn’t) and provide more expertise from a distance. In fact all our staff are security-checked – not just those you might see in your home – so if you want the most efficient, proactive service, we can do this simply and securely remotely. Just the ticket for these crazy times.


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