We design solutions that can provide entertainment in every room of the home. High-quality multi-room audio gives access to an almost unlimited source of music from on-line services, as well as access to you own personal library. High Definition and 8K video provides the ultimate viewing experience.


With almost 30 years experience our team are experts in bringing together audio, television, lighting, telephone, data networks, security and other bespoke technology into a fully integrated and easy to use solution. We have installed high-end audio listening solutions and cinemas in a range of high-end properties and developments throughout the UK and abroad.


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Your listening and viewing experience need not be a compromise between quality and aesthetics. Today’s state-of-the-art multi-room audio equipment can look great or remain invisible but it should always sound fantastic! We’ll help you experience multiple audio sources in as many rooms as you wish without compromising on sound quality or room finishes.


We believe that your viewing experience should be, similarly, without compromise. As the technology and quality of televisions advance, services such as video streaming, high-definition and 8K are now putting more demand on the supporting systems, data network and infrastructure than ever before.


We’ll design integrated infrastructure that will support high-quality services into the future. At the same time, we’ll work with your design team to ensure that displays are discreetly integrated into the interior scheme to provide the best possible viewing experience with least impact. We work with the world’s leading manufacturer of motorised TV lifts and other moving mechanisms so that you only need to see a TV when you want to watch one.