The most sophisticated systems demand the simplest of integrated control. A fully integrated control solution uses a simple touch screen device to replace all of the unsightly handsets, and provide a reliable single point of control for audio visual, lighting, environmental and security systems.

We take great pride in producing attractive, functional systems that seamlessly control all of your equipment from either a single room or multiple locations within your property. Not only do our integrated control solutions provide comprehensive single-point control of a wide range of seemingly unrelated systems but they also streamline the experience and make it enjoyable to use.


With the single push of a button your lights will dim to a preset level and the blinds will silently lower whilst your projector turns and the screen unrolls. All the while your audio equipment has turned on to your preset volume level and within a few seconds your favourite movie starts playing. No more juggling remote controls or looking foolish in front of your friends. Just choose what to watch and let our systems take care of the rest.