Making the most of the daylight in our homes enhances our quality of life. We respond to daylight emotionally, it’s uplifting, it has health benefits, colours render accurately to the eye, textures are more apparent; and it reduces our need to rely on electric light, saving energy and helping to minimise our environmental impact.


 We are an experienced supplier and installer of the Lutron Homeworks series, Grafik Eye range or the newer QS series and Quantum range. We have over 25 years’ experience designing and installing Lutron lighting and shading systems into a range of small and large properties for private clients, developers and commercial teams.


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Being able easily to control lighting is essential in a single room fulfilling several functions. Our lighting solutions allow us to overcome these challenges and provide scene-setting lighting which allows lights to be adjusted to the desired scene at the touch of a button.


Our lighting team has many years’ experience working with designers and architects, and work with a number of the top lighting control companies in the world. We have the expertise to produce extraordinary solutions for any type and size of property. As well as focusing heavily on aesthetics, the systems installed and designed by SMC allow clients to manage their energy use and regulate electricity flows to help avoid violent surges and maximise lamp life.