The data network is now one of the, if not, most essential elements to any project. It’s crucial to have a robust, secure, fast and reliable data network as nearly all smart home, media, entertainment devices and communications rely on it.
network - cisco partner

Data, TV, telephony, music, CCTV and a host of other services have merged using the same wires and technology to seamlessly deliver a host of services into and around your home. The increased use of data hungry streaming and cloudbased services, like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and iCloud add to the overall strain of the network.


As CISCO partners, SMC will design, install and maintain a system that fits your needs now and for years to come. We believe in the future-ready system – allowing you the flexibility to change, add and increase features as and when they come online. We’ll help securely connect your properties – old and new – and make sure you get the most seamless experience possible, wherever you are and whatever you do.