What is Immersive Audio?

A three-dimensional dynamic soundscape that flows all around you to provide a breathtakingly realistic aural experience.

What is Dolby® Atmos™ and how is it different?

At our Immersive home cinema event we used a full Dolby® Atmos™ multi-channel audio system to demonstrate the latest Dolby® format to be recognised and supported by the movie industry. All blockbuster movies are now recorded and mastered using this technique to provide a more realistic and immersive experience.

Cinemas that are designed for Dolby® Atmos™ not only take into account the ‘traditional’ surround-sound channels located at ear level but also include high-level channels for a more fluid ‘pan-through’ effect that reflects what the senses would actually experience in real life. Up to 128 separate audio channels can be used to allow sound to travel seamlessly between the front and rear of the room, and from side to side.

This video shows an example of a Dolby® Atmos™ setup in a commercial grade cinema.

What was our Immersive Home Cinema Event?

At our immersive home cinema event, we demonstrated a Steinway Lyngdorf 6.4.4 set up – 6 channels at ear level (front centre, left & right, side left & right and a single rear channel), with 4 ‘height’ channels in the ceiling (high fronts, left & right, high sides, left and right). These dialogue and effect channels were underpinned with 4 boundary woofers placed in the front corners of the room. The overall Dolby® Atmos™ specification, therefore, was a 6.4.4 array, rather than the more traditional 7.1 or 5.1 Dolby pro logic systems we have all heard in the past.

Who are Steinway Lyngdorf?

Steinway Lyngdorf audio technology is a collaboration between Steinway and Sons, the world famous piano manufacturers, and Peter Lyngdorf, a legend in audio reproduction technology and design.

The Cinema system you would have heard during the event comprised  10 Steinway Lyngdorf Model S on-wall loudspeakers, 4 Model LS boundary woofers and Steinway Lyngdorf’s P200 processor, coupled with A1 digital amplifiers, capable of supporting not only the Dolby® Atmos™ audio format but also Auro 3D and DTS:X.

How is Steinway Lyngdorf different?

The main difference between this system and others on the market is that there is very little need to modify the room acoustically to create the best audio outcome. In fact the Steinway Lyngdorf systems perform optimally when installed in a “live” or natural sounding space like most rooms in the typical high-end home. This means that we can reproduce the best home theatre audio experience, not only in dedicated cinema rooms, but also in secondary or more flexible multi-functional spaces in the property.

The Model S on-wall speakers are compact, discreet and beautifully made. They are available in matt black, gloss white and ‘Steinway’ piano lacquered gloss black as well as in any Farrow and Ball finish. Leather or suede finishes can now also be specified.

Steinway Lyngdorf SMC Colour Match Designs
Steinway Lyngdorf SMC Colour Match Farrow and Ball
Steinway Lyngdorf Model D Control

What about the Steinway Lyngdorf Model D?

As well as multi-channel home theatre, Steinway Lyngdorf offers a wide variety of speaker options. The Model S is the most discreet, the Model M on-wall is the next step up followed by the new Model IW 26 used for medium-sized in-wall theatre applications. But Steinway Lyngdorf doesn’t only specialise in multi-channel theatre systems. Visitors to our immersive home cinema event may also have experienced Steinway Lyngdorf Model D loudspeakers in the listening room. These speakers are Steinway Lyngdorf’s flagship model, aimed at those clients who demand exclusive, near-perfect musical reproduction. The Model D is the only full range loudspeaker in the Steinway Lyngdorf range, they require no bass reinforcement, so there is no need to place sub-woofers anywhere in the room. The system shares the same RoomPerfect™ correction software that is used throughout the range so the preferred listening environment does not need to be acoustically treated for optimal performance. The system we demonstrated at the event was set up within 2 hours of arriving and sounded amazing!

How can I get it?

SMC is one of the UK’s leading Steinway Lyngdorf dealers. At SMC our team are experts in bringing together audio, television, lighting, telephone, data networks, security and other bespoke technology into a fully integrated and easy to use solution. We deliver complete systems to our clients that make their lives easier, whilst ensuring their homes are ready for the future. SMC solutions are easy to operate and understand and will evolve with the people who use them. We work with architects, design consultants and property developers, as well as individual clients. We pride ourselves on offering an end-to-end solution from design through to aftercare and support.

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