Modern homes retaining the industrial and iconic nature of their surroundings

The 145 apartments in The Gasholders are made up of over 30 different types based on apartment size, the number of rooms and the amount of lighting, shading and heating requiring control. The developer wanted to offer a home with simple to use, accessible controls, that fitted in with the interior designers’ aim of bringing the external structure and austerity of the ironwork into the apartment, while making it welcoming and homely. Mood lighting complemented this effect, which the developer wanted to be controlled from classic-looking dolly switches,without losing the functionality of modern technology.


The building is clad in mechanical shutters for protection, discretion and aesthetics. These shutters are motorised and needed to be operated from switches, touch screens and apps, while giving the building managers override control for maintenance, alongside an automatic override in the event of high wind speeds. Homeowners needed to be notified of any overrides as they happen.


Residents were also to be offered the ability to manage actions beyond the standard heating schedules; they were to be able to program any item that was linked to the home control system. This gave every apartment owner the ability to schedule when the shutters or curtains would open; when the lights would come on (and to what scene); when warm walls should run, and when holiday mode was off or on.