The initial design brief for this project was to update our client’s family home of 20 years with integrated, modern, connected technology. Having previously used home control systems in the property our client had high expectations. Their familiarity with the systems meant that they knew what they wanted – all of the previous functionality, improved with the most up to date systems but with a vastly simplified, intuitive user experience. The equipment itself needed to be hidden as far as possible or to be discreetly coordinated with the interior and exterior decor. The existing wiring infrastructure was to be reused wherever possible to reduce the risk of damage to the specialist venetian plaster wall finishes throughout the property.


Our client loves film and appreciates high-quality audio and wanted to incorporate this without a ‘dedicated’ cinema room, which wouldn’t fit comfortably with the aesthetics of this heritage property. We, therefore, designed a discreet, full-blown media room in the main living room with an exceptional Steinway Lyngdorf set up.


Given the scale of this estate, security was extremely important. Hanwha 4K cameras, PIRs and IP security lighting provide contiguous estate-wide coverage. The status of all CCTV cameras and security lighting can be viewed/controlled via the native iPolis app and Crestron touch panels. Secure WiFi coverage was required throughout. This was designed to run on multimode fibre between the buildings allowing them to share the same internet connection.


Audio control in primary rooms was delivered with the use of in-wall touch panels, a Crestron iPhone app and Crestron TSR 310 remotes in areas that have TVs. Rather than installing additional remotes into the guest rooms, it was decided to dedicate a button on the Meljac wall switches to control the audio in the main house. Lutron Homeworks QS provides the primary control of lighting, shutters, blinds and curtains throughout the property.