When this property was recently sold, the new owners wished to refurbish and generally update the house. They immediately appreciated the benefits of Lutron scene-setting lighting control and wanted to maintain the features of the system whilst updating the keypads. The original HomeWorks had the US style, slim button keypads but the new client wanted a larger, simpler and more contemporary style which the new Palladium keypads fitted perfectly. The new lighting design used numerous LED fittings and smooth dimming was essential. Talking the client through the superb dimming characteristics of the Lutron QS system and the wider flexibility to drive many different types of dimmable circuits, it was an obvious choice to upgrade their old HomeWorks to QS. This was a relatively simple job of swapping over the head end panel modules and room keypads whilst using the existing cabling and infrastructure. The building works were minimised by reusing the existing keypad backboxes which were fitted with new Palladiom US style keypads. The original Homeworks Interactive panels were also used to house the new Homeworks QS dimmer modules to further reduce the disruption within the property.


The Lutron lighting system is integrated with the existing AMX control system and can be controlled using the lighting keypads, and touchscreen devices. The existing user interface on touchscreen devices was streamlined and simplified so the client could better appreciate the level of the whole home lighting control available to them. Security is also a major concern for the client, therefore integration with the intruder alarm and CCTV allows control of the lighting directly from these systems. Additional time lock and vacation setting features of the system have also proved very reassuring to the client.


The Client commented that the level of lighting control and the way it was integrated with other systems was one of the things that had first attracted them to the property. Being able to update what was there to the latest low voltage fittings was an added bonus as it minimised the extent and cost of the refurbishment they thought would be necessary.

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