At our recent immersive home cinema event held in conjunction with Private Bank, Adam and Company, we showcased the very best currently available 4K UHD and HDR immersive video and Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound technologies. Here we look at these amazing advances in the home viewing experience.

Immersive Imagery Cinema Set Up

What is Immersive Imagery?

Today’s home entertainment systems are able to deliver a completely engaging video experience using 4K UHD and HDR display devices to provide amazing scale, colour, contrast, clarity and depth of field. These immersive video solutions are capable of transporting the viewer to a natural and lifelike almost ‘being there’ experience.

What was showcased?

At the event we showcased the incredible new flagship DLA Z1 projector from JVC and Sony’s latest 2017 range of 4K TVs, including their new top-of-the-range OLED TV, the A1.

JVC DLZ Z1 Projector

The DLA Z1 is the first projector in the world to be recognised as a THX certified 4k display device. The Projector combines the world’s smallest DILA Chip (digital direct drive image light amplifier) together with a BLU-Escent Laser light source to provide the most breathtaking images in home cinema. It has a native 4K resolution and is HDR capable.

The result is a smooth, ultra high definition image free of visible pixelation, even when projecting onto large format screens.

JVC DLA-Z1 projector
Sony Screens at SMC Home Cinema Event
Sony 4K Screens

Sony’s range of 4K HDR TVs that were showcased boast picture quality that is approximately 4 times the resolution of standard High Definition (HD). These Sony screens are also HDR capable meaning they reproduce a wider range of brightness, colour and contrast. Because of this the images they reproduce look far more natural and lifelike than most other TVs.

Sony's large format A1 OLED screen

What are 4K UHD and HDR?

A 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD) display has at least 8 million active pixels (4096 × 2160) – 4 times as many as High-Definition as you know it.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the latest and most exciting standard in picture quality, offering the viewer a much wider range of colour and contrast. This results in images that can make you believe you are actually there!

Why are these TVs better?

The most obvious benefit of 4K is the sharper and more detailed picture compared to standard High-Definition. The increased number of pixels significantly improves image clarity, providing you are feeding your TV a native 4K source.

The HDR Capability also results in significantly improved image depth and colour definition. 4K HDR capable devices render finer details and colour blends more subtly, dramatically improving the viewing experience.

Because there are more pixels per square centimetre, 4K images can be viewed clearly from closer to the screen than traditional HD sets, meaning that you can increase the size of your TV without having to move your sofa! So now you can view a pristine picture that fills most of your field of view, much like the immersive experience of watching a film at the cinema.

The Sony A1 OLED has been the most anticipated screen of 2017 and is unique in many ways. It is available in 55 and 65 inch versions currently. Its designed to be an edge to edge glass panel and has the slimmest of bezels as there are no forward facing speaker grilles to hide. That doesn’t mean for a second that the audio is compromised, this screen brings a new technology to the market, the whole panel is described as an ‘acoustic surface’. The technology behind this is 4 invisible audio actuators mounted behind the panel on its left and right sides, these enable the panel to produce an incredible stereo image and is tuned with Sony audio processing technology so that the sound actually comes from the point on the picture that is making it. This is coupled with a rear facing sub-woofer that packs a real punch, you will not be disappointed.

Because it is an OLED panel it has an extremely high contrast ratio which meets the specification of the 2 HDR formats (HDR10 and Dolby Vision), and of course it has a native 4K UHD resolution.

This screen has an invisible kick stand should you wish to site it on a unit, it can also be wall mounted too.

What is OLED and what makes it better?

OLED screens have millions of self-illuminating OLED pixels that can be individually activated to reproduce truly lifelike pictures. Because each pixel lights up independently (rather than being lit from the edge of the screen like traditional LED/ LCD displays), the result is infinitely more accurate detail, colour and the highest contrast ratio available on a TV set to date in every scene.

How you can get it

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