Of course, the most important thing you need when something goes wrong is a FIX – Get stuff working again, as soon as possible.

For that reason, we’ve over-indexed on our Aftercare department. We offer 24-hour cover, every single day of the year, across all technology systems, including NSI-Gold security cover for intruder alarm and CCTV. We provide a combination of on-site and remote support and carry out proactive maintenance visits, as well as respond to problems.

Of course, getting something fixed promptly is especially important for what we call ‘critical systems’ (such as lighting and security) and we offer SLAs (Service Level Agreements) guaranteeing a response time (4 hours for security systems, for example). These are enabled by some simple diagnostic equipment in your premises, constant monitoring by our systems and an accredited ‘Central Station’, as well as 24/7 on-call team of specialists. We always have accredited security specialists, friendly IT experts and qualified AV engineers on call. These are fully-employed, police-checked, SMC staff. They have secure access to details of every system we maintain and can view details of support policies, user guides, wiring drawings and previous service incidents. We make sure that all staff are empathetic, courteous, tidy and prompt.

Reliable Connectivity is Crucial

We offer 24/7 or next-working day cover for other systems – including audio, TV, internet and WiFi. We know that having reliable connectivity is crucial these days. SMC are the only company in the UK providing 24/7 cover across all these systems.

We know too (especially these days) it’s important that you know something is happening. Something good. A reliable solution from someone trustworthy and capable. Our customers are used to being able to track their cab’s progress, see when their online shopping will arrive – and so on. For this reason, we’ve launched SAM – SMC’s Service and Maintenance app. Available on the app store (for iPhones) and Play store (for Android devices) this allows users to quickly call for service, view FAQs and user guides, and track service interactions as they occur.

You don’t have to be an SMC customer to use the app

We’ll respond to you anyway and give you a price for investigating and fixing your problem – as a one-off or as part of a service plan. If you are an SMC maintenance customer you can see your personal information, share the app with staff or their family members and arrange proactive service visits to suit your timetable.

Everyone benefits from notifications (for example, keeping you informed of service outages in your area) and technology news relevant to your needs.

The app communicates directly to our in-house systems, so that engineers see your exact location, the details of your issue, when you need a solution and your preferred contact details. If you use the app you’ll immediately get an electronic report of any work carried out, as well as an emailed invoice – a bit like Uber.

If you’d like to talk to us about an aftercare package or need a hand installing the app, please email our service team at, or call our office on 020 7819 1700, and we’ll be happy to help. That’s what we do best.

Scan the QR code to be taken to the app store.