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I’m sure you’ve taken advantage of some of the incredible things one can do with LED and of the other new lighting technologies. Perhaps you’ve concealed lighting in shelving or stairwells, or incorporated colour-changing technology into a child’s bedroom. You can even incorporate Circadian lighting – which provides the body the correct quality of light for different times of day (by regulating the colour temperature of the light) to maximise well-being and help provide a proper night’s sleep.

We often work with specialist lighting design companies, as part of a large design team, but did you know that SMC also offer a full lighting design service, as well as providing the lighting control solution and any blinds and curtain control? You’ll probably be familiar with companies like Lutron and Crestron, whose systems we use to provide high-quality dimming and scene-setting, but you may not have seen the elegant, traditional, hand-crafted switches from Meljac we often use to control these systems.

SMC lighting

In the last year


In the last year we’ve designed amazing lighting for large projects in Holland Park, Fulham, Notting Hill, Highgate, Norfolk, Sussex and also in Paris. Everything from understated library lighting to illuminating a massive country estate.

As well as working on the technical and layout information we can produce renders of what the lighting will look like when it is in place, working with your interior designer, architect or landscaper so you can visualise things more easily, and refine the solution to exactly meet your needs.

Please let us know if you’d like to discuss any of this. We can help you get just the look you need for your new home, office or hotel.

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