Our client has a great appreciation for simplicity and technology. Having previously worked on several properties for the family, we understood the expectations. The integration and control of each of the subsystems from AV, HVAC and security, to lighting and window treatments was to be first and foremost, simple.

Naturally the installation was to be beautiful too with a key consideration being the architectural and interior design intent. Products were only selected if we felt they were in keeping with the aesthetics of the property and were easy to use, robust and could be fully integrated.

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As our client has a young family he wanted us to consider the future use of rooms and build in flexibility to accommodate changes in use as the family’s needs change; For example the playroom has a 9.2.4 Dolby Atoms surround sound system built in for a potential future cinema and the Family Room has a Sonos 5.1 surround system using a Sonos ARC, Sub and Play One’s as rears rather than built in speakers as we knew there would be a change of use in the not-to-distant future.


Within the property our client wanted a private entertainment space, bar and club, but not just any club, he wanted it to sound exactly like one of his favorite clubs in the heart of London. He wanted to replicate the immersive performance but wanted it discreetly coordinated into the luxurious décor as much as possible. This was achieved by using L’Acoustics Creations range. By creating a heat map of the SPL levels to replicate the reference club we were able to create a 25 channel immersive audio nightclub system that was signed off by the client's personal audio consultant who has worked alongside us on other properties. Externally, audio was delivered by Sonance’s Landscape range to provide balanced coverage of brilliant audio performance but to be completely disguised within the foliage, again, this is a system we have used on other properties for the same client where outdoor living is more important than inside the house.


When it came to control the client wanted it simple. A comprehensible user interface was developed which can be accessed from any of the Crestron touch panels, or any touchscreen devices (iPhones, iPads etc) within the property. Control of lighting, window treatments, and skylights is also provided by Meljac keypads. These beautifully finished switches were chosen to coordinate perfectly with the interior design vision.


Having a young family meant a key requirement was also security. A full grade 3 intruder alarm system (with police response) was installed. This along with CCTV, suitable access control and motorised Abloy locks provides the family with the peace of mind they deserve. Each device was hand-painted into the room in the same way we would do with any other integrated device.

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Scene-setting lighting through via wall keypads, touchscreens and app.

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Motorised blinds and curtains integrated with scene-setting lighting control and controlled via touchscreen, wall keypads and app.

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4K video distribution to smart televisions.

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Audio in every room via high quality built-in speakers.

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Video intercom system with access control monitored via touchscreens and app.

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Access controlled gates and doors linked to video intercom system.

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CCTV coverage monitored via touchscreens, televisions and app.

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Intruder alarm throughout using contacts and sensors.

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Business grade data network with WiFi throughout the home.

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A simple smart remote integrates and replaces all the unsightly handsets for the audio visual equipment.