We provide unique, simple, beautiful technology solutions for homeowners, developers, designers, architects and commercial teams. With over 30 years experience our experts provide design and installation expertise for a range of audio visual, networking, security, access, environmental control and bespoke integration.


SMC is expert at combining complex systems into simple solutions. We provide full design, installation and aftercare services for the following smart technology systems.


High Definition, 4K / 8K video streaming services provide the ultimate viewing experience. Displays are discreetly integrated into the interior scheme to provide the best possible viewing experience with least aesthetic impact. We work with the world’s leading manufacturer of motorised TV lifts and other moving mechanisms so that you only need to see a TV when you want to watch one.

With the advent of ultra high definition 4K / 8K video and 3D Dolby Atmos surround sound home cinema is now more immersive than ever before. Using projection screens or large format displays we can create bespoke home cinema solutions to fit almost any room.

High quality multi-room audio gives access to an almost unlimited source of music from on-line services, as well as access to you own personal library.

A simple smart remote or touchscreen replaces all of the unsightly handsets for your audio visual equipment. Dim the lights, turn on your television and start your favourite film all at the touch of a button.


The most sophisticated systems demand the simplest of integrated control. A fully integrated control solution uses a simple touch screen device to replace all of the unsightly handsets, and provide a reliable single point of control for audio visual, lighting, environmental and security systems

Being able to easily control lighting is essential in a single room fulfilling several functions. Our lighting solutions allow us to produce bespoke resolutions to overcome these challenges. Scene setting lighting allow the lights to be adjusted to the desired mood at the touch of a button, mobile device or touchscreen.

We work with your heating and cooling specialist to ensure the climate control of your home is as simple, functional, efficient, and intelligent as possible.

Lighting control isn’t just about artificial light; it also encompasses the control of natural light through the use of automated blinds, curtains and shutters. These can be used to control bright afternoon sun, provide privacy in an overlooked room or blackout all light for a cinema application.


SMC have been accredited by NSI since 2004 to their NACOSS Gold scheme and have nearly 30 years’ experience at integrating security, CCTV and access control systems to provide the required security protection with the greatest convenience to our clients.

Gain complete control, streamline, and enhance your home security, video surveillance, access control, and other key systems into a single unified platform.


Our systems use technology use high-definition security cameras, video analytics, loitering and motion detection, and network-based equipment to detect issues before they occur.

Experience enhanced security, convenience, and control with and access control system. Enjoy keyless entry, grant or revoke access of users, track entry logs,  and receive real-time notifications as well as seamless integration with intercom systems.

A video intercom system provides enhanced security, convenience, and peace of mind allowing you visually identify visitors before granting them access, ensuring the safety of your premises. 


We design and install business-grade data networks specifically for residential use. Lightning-fast internet speeds, seamless connectivity, and uninterrupted productivity means no more slow downloads, buffering videos, and lagging online services. 

Network monitoring provides the information to determine, in real time, whether a network is running optimally. We can proactively detect device or connection failures, issues such as traffic bottlenecks that limit data flow and more.

The data network is now one of if not the most essential elements to any project, it’s essential to have a robust, secure, fast, reliable data network. Nearly all smart home, media and entertainment devices rely on the data network for their operation the ability to browse the internet, play games, and watch and listen to music.

We treat every client’s home as a precious project from the moment we step on site…