“The ultimate place to have friends over to watch the football.”

Designed to be our client’s ‘London pad’ this project was inspired by the grandeur of a classic gentleman’s club. Within the property our client had specifically requested that we create one particularly special room of AV – “the ultimate place to have friends over to watch the football”. This media room also needed to double as a dining and reception area, so all equipment needed to be well coordinated within the space while providing an incredible audio-visual experience.

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Our client is particularly tech savvy and had a keen interest in all the technology used from audio to networking. The system chosen consisted of Sony’s VPL-VW-790 laser projector, projecting onto a 110″ Screen Research in-ceiling automated projector screen. The audio system was comprised of a Lyngdorf MP40 processor complete with RoomPerfect room correction with a bank of Lyngdorf SDA-2400 power amps to power the front and surround channels in the room. We used Lyngdorf MH-3 wall mount speakers elsewhere in the room (L,C,R, surround) where they were discreetly mounted. We used another pair of KEF Ci160TR super slim speakers to add Dolby Atmos channels. These smaller speakers are flanked by two Bowers & Wilkins DB4S subwoofers which sound fantastic with the RoomPerfect calibration, allowing the subs to blend in seamlessly with the other speakers in the system. The Lyngdorf MH-3 speakers have their own speaker profile in the Lyngdorf MP40 Processor, which allows the system to set a crossover with the subwoofers and is perfectly suited to the MH3s, allowing them to be driven to much higher volumes without putting them under any undue strain. The RoomPerfect software also blends the subwoofers in with the smaller speakers to provide a consistent bass response across the room with no peaks or troughs- the bass response can be set to “global” to optimise the sound of the system across the room or “focus” to focus the audio on one user defined area in the room.


The system is controlled by a Crestron TSR-310 Touch Screen Remote control and Crestron MC4 Room Processor. The client requested that the whole room be controlled from the remote control with “cinema mode”. When this is pressed, the automated blinds go down, the lighting dims with only small uplighters in the room left on, the projector screen drops and the system fires into life. All elements, such as blinds, lighting scenes and AV can all still be individually selected from the remote control to suit the mood.


The client requested a full Lutron system throughout the property- we used Lutron QSX system with custom finished Lutron SeeTouch faceplates to match all low-level Focus SB data and power sockets. We installed a Meraki router giving the client complete insight and control over the home network and internet traffic. This was flanked by Cisco switching and Ruckus R320 Unleashed wireless access points.


The beauty of a media room is that it’s not restrictive in terms of location and functionality. Like this project, it can be a well-lit living room, with pristine audio and a chilled-out vibe, or it can be a dimmed cinema room with a 110” drop down projector screen for a movie night or sports afternoon. With so much technology tightly integrated into an everyday living space, we’ve provided an effortless control solution that works exactly as expected every time. Our client is thrilled with the outcome and has requested that we install the same system in his countryside residenc

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Scene-setting lighting through via wall keypads, touchscreens and app.

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Motorised blinds and curtains integrated with scene-setting lighting control and controlled via touchscreen, wall keypads and app.

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4K video distribution to smart televisions.

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Audio in every room via high quality built-in speakers.

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Bespoke home cinema with multi-channel surround sound.

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Business grade data network with WiFi throughout the home.

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A simple smart remote integrates and replaces all the unsightly handsets for the audio visual equipment.